Kylie Jenner Finally Confesses!

21 May
Kylie Jenner Finally Confesses!

Now, it makes me so dayum upset that Kylie Jenner lied about her lips being real in the first place.

Then to have all these impressionable ass children around the world doing her lip challenge made me even more upset.

Look a what happened to some of these kids or young adults….

lip2 lip

Like, this is ridiculous!!!!!!!  It’s ridiculous that people will do anything these days that they think celebrities do but Kylie did not do this to get them lips.  She had implants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She didn’t need to tell me that she had implants, I’m not stupid.  I had a post about this before and I commented on it.

As a celebrity you should not have people believing in lies and doing these challenges that yield results like those above.

I hope the world learns from this mess.

🙂 Phee

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