Side Chicks Beware!

17 Apr
Side Chicks Beware!

Be careful, if you’re a side chick, the main chick or wife in this situation can get you back for all them gifts and stuff you get.

Remember Donald Sterling and his racist remarks?  Well, the culprit behind the tapes that got Sterling in trouble, V. Stiviano, aka Side chick of the Century, is in more of her own trouble nowadays with Mrs. Sterling!

Looks as though Donald caked her to death when they were “friends”.  During their “friendship”, he bought her a $1.8 million duplex, Range Rover, 2 Bentleys and a Ferrari to name a few gifts.  Why do you need 2 Bentleys though?  That’s just greedy.

Mrs. Sterling is going after all of it, and she doesn’t even need the stuff back.  There was no mention of any jewelry or vacations V received.  How does Mrs. Sterling sue for the food and sex they ate and had though?  How much do you think each sexual encounter costed?  LOL!!!

I don’t feel sorry for V.  She knew what she was doing and that this man was married.  You go Mrs. Sterling!  Get yo money back!  All $2.6 million of it if you can.

Good luck shopping at Aldi from now on V.  ha ha!


🙂 Phee

Pics and article from–spt.html by Brian Melley.

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