New Oldest Woman

15 Apr
New Oldest Woman

Just recently we had 2 recorder holders of the oldest women title to pass away leaving the new champion from Michigan.

The oldest woman was 117 and she lived in Japan and died a week before April 6th when the article below was written by Claudia Lauer.

Misao Okawa

Just after that, this Arkansas woman, 116 years-old died after just being named the oldest woman alive.

Gertrude Weaver

So, we have our raining champ below.

michigan oldest woman

She just has that face that says, “I can say whatever the hell I want, I’m 115 years old!”  Ms. Jeralean Talley is a Michigan native and credits no one but GOD for her long life.

It is truly amazing to live this long.  I would love to sit with her and just listen to her life’s experiences.

🙂 Phee

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