11 Apr

Ok, I was catfished before there was even an internet.

Back in the day when I played volleyball in Houston, TX we had a tournament in Richmond.  OMG, I met this fine guy.  He was like 6’2 185 and gorgeous.  I actually met him in person and gave him my number and he gave me his.  However, when we would talk, it just sounded a lot different from how he did in person.  Finally, I found out that it was his twin sister that played on the opposing volleyball team actually talking to me because he was older than what he told me when we met.  I guess he was gonna wait til I was 18!  LOL

Anywho, MTV has the infamous show Catfish on and its in its 3rd or 4th season.  I am sooooooo glad there’s a show like this to help people find out the truth about these online relationships.

I’ve seen a lot of Catfish episodes and it never gets old, just sadder and sadder.  I mean I’ve seen where people are posing like the opposite sex for revenge on the victim or because they are curious about the same sex and where people say they look like one thing but look differently.  Oh, and I saw an episode once where this guy was posing as a hot female and he was enticing a guy in a relationship so when they met, he really wanted to beat the guy up for “cheating” with his fake profile since he was in a relationship.  Crazy right??

Well today, it was a whole lot more of crazy.  This girl named Miracle in Milwaukee got a random friend request from a guy named Javonni that also lived in Milwaukee.  They texted, sent instagram messages and even spoke on the phone a few times.  Well, she was just all wrapped up in Javonni and contacted Nev to finally wrap things up.

Ok, so they flew to Milwaukee and did all this research to find out that the number was registered to some guy that lived down the street from Miracle and of course he didn’t look like the Javonni she grew to love.  Also, they got the real Javonni on Skype whose real name is Jonathan and he knows nothing of Miracle and has no friends in Milwaukee.  So, they decided to call “Javonni” and he gave them the green light to come to his house the next day and he would explain everything.

When they got to the house, this heavy set cutey came out and Miracle was upset honey.  Watching the show, I immediately saw a wedding ring so I’m like “Oh hell, here we go”.  At one point, Miracle received some texts saying stay away from Javonni and blah blah blah so I’m thinking the husband was cheating on his wife with Miracle.  They guy told Nev and them to come on in the house and he was really agitated so they were hesitant to go inside but Nev lead the way.  They go upstairs to the den area and they notice a whole bunch of medication on the stand.  At the same time, the guy was acting all suspicious and went down his hallway and just said give him a minute.  He emerges after a few minutes with a female behind him, his wife!

How about his wife Kara, who has Lupus (hence all the meds they saw) made up the Javonni profile to help one of her friends catch their spouse cheating or something.  She sent out random friend requests using Jonathan’s pics and Miracle responded by chance.  She carried on a relationship out of curiosity and a missing emotional connection between her husband. Kara doesn’t work and her husband Rickie works from 6:30am to 10:00pm so they really have no time together for real.  Kara was saying things to Miracle that she wanted to hear from her husband. She also admitted later that she was curious about women very young in life but her parents both became pastors and told her she would go to hell living a life like that.

Miracle was devastated and got really upset at this meeting.  She went off and told Kara that both her and Rickie were sick and that she was really upset with them.  Kara, being all in her feelings, for whatever reason, told them all to leave.  While the mics were still on, you can hear Kara’s husband saying to her that this is over.  He was actually the voice behind the phone calls those few times when Miracle thought she was talking to Javonni.  They tag teamed her and that is crazy!

Nev went back on his own the next day and spoke to Kara alone to find out more information and that’s when he was told about her being curious and she never intended for things to go so far, etc, etc.  She admitted she got angry and told them to leave after Miracle said you may have Lupus but you have a mental problem too because her disease is serious and it’s really put a hold on her life.  She cannot go out in the day time with her children and she misses the time with her husband.

Nev called Miracle back to talk to Kara again without anger and they actually apologized to each other and decided they would consider a friendship.

I like how Nev finds out the truth and then helps both parties out in the end.  This show is going to have 784 seasons because as long as their is an internet and people hide behind profiles and play with people’s emotions, there’s going to be a strong need.

🙂 Phee

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