Love is Love Example

07 Apr
Love is Love Example

Oh snap, a lioness done got herself a baby baboon!

Buuuuutttttt she caught it and is doing the opposite of what it would do with a human.

She’s loving it to death and raising it as her own.

Look at these adorbable pictures….

Lion-and-Baboon2 Lioness-Baboon_AH3C0012-600x399

That baby baboon has no idea that it is among a bunch of certified, trained killas!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

Anywho, I love to see where nature surprises us.  I would’ve thought that baboon would’ve been an appetizer to it’s parent as dinner or something.

I would love to see how it acts later on in its life.  Will he act like a lion or a baboon?  So many questions.

😉 Phee

Pics and article from

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