Simple Relationship Tip

30 Mar
Simple Relationship Tip

Relationships are not easy Cocoa Drops!  I for one, try to find any techniques to help me when I get involved in a relationship and of course what to do in a marriage.

I found this article Saturday evening and it was comical at first but made so much sense as I kept reading.

This article shows us a simple way to show our partner that they have said something offensive to us or when we have offended our partner they show us.

The 2 words are “ouch” and “oops”.  I’m sure you can come up with your own lingo but the lesson is simple.

If you are offended, you say “ouch” and then your partner says “oops” and acknowledges their words and apologizes to you and vice versa.

In the article it says that we first have to learn what kind of conflict person we are.  She explains that there are 3 types of conflict styles: avoiding, validating, and volatile.

When you’re an avoider, you run from conflict and probably just say you’re sorry and don’t know what for.

Validators are the compromisers and know they can be wrong and be wronged and handle either way.

Those of us with the volatile style get seriously emotional about issues and probably are those people that scare you to death and argue all loud and crazy at times.

I use to be an avoider, I know for a fact.  Due to a volatile relationship, I became volatile as well with that person in particular because he drew it out of me.

Now, I’m in between.  I know how to act and respect others feelings and acknowledge when I’ve wronged someone.  The only thing I hate is when you don’t know and your partner doesn’t tell you.  This method is easy to understand and grasp to make relationship communication even better.

Read and enjoy.

🙂 Phee

Article and pic from by Glamour.

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