Iggy Gets Boobs

27 Mar
Iggy Gets Boobs

Iggy Azalea is adorable to me and she has a smoking hot body.

I don’t blame her for getting new boobs at all.  Do what makes you happy and that’s safe.  Changing your eye color is too far.

One thing that I respect is that she admitted it.  To me, it’s like, So what!  How many of us would do a little sum sum if we had that cash?  I for one, after exercise, would get a tummy tuck.  I’ve had 2 C-Sections and it messed me up so no matter what I will always have that pouch.

You go Iggy!

I just hope you didn’t do it for Nick Young.

nick young

He is fine and plays for the Lakers but do it for yourself if you do it at all.

🙂 Phee

Pic from article below Mikael Janson of Vogue.

Nick Pic from

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