To Submit or Not Submit

25 Mar
To Submit or Not Submit

Hi Cocoa Drops,

I happened upon this awesome article just browsing Yahoo for the latest news.

It is all that and a bag of chips when it comes to a modern couple in the face of submission and I truely believe it helps bring a face to what “being submissive” really can mean.

A lot of us struggle with that word “submission” because it seems like you give up a lot of yourself and yield only to the desires and wishes of your spouse.

Oh, that’s another point.  You are submissive to your husband.  I’m sure you can do a dress rehearsal of some sorts if you are working towards marriage with you partner or maybe the actual submissive part comes after you’re engaged or actually married.  I have no idea.

Anywho,  this article explains one woman, in this day in age, practicing traditional marriage with submission and she made me feel so much better personaly.

I want to be married one day and be blessed in my marriage.  I was raised that the man is the head of the household but as time went on and women became more independent, the nuclear family kind of dissolved a lot and we see more single parent households.  So, now, with me being an independent woman in a single parent household, in the past I felt it would be a struggle for me to relinquish a lot of me to a man.  However, after being single so long, doing EVERYTHING on my own from car duties, to lawn, fixing pipes, dinner, children, bills and working, I’m ready for someone else to “punch in “.  LOL

🙂 Phee

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