Where Did Bristol Palin Get Money From?

22 Mar
Where Did Bristol Palin Get Money From?

Remember Bristol Palin?  Daughter of Sarah Palin from Alaska?  The one who was a teen mom?  The one… You get it.  LOL

Well, where did she get money from to have a house valued at over $500,000 on a swanky lake there in Alaska?????????

Look at this house she’s selling.

bri1 bri2 bri3 bri4 bri5 bri6 bri7 bri8 bri9

This is beautiful house in a wonderful area.  I know that it was renovated and everything but still she had to have paid over $300-$400,000 and with the renovations and the comps in the area, the price has gone up and maybe too because of who she is.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that Bristol is doing very well in life with that cuterful little boy.  She just got engaged too!!!  You go girl!!!!

The baby daddy got divorced a long time ago when she first hit the scene.  Now she has a new wonderful love with medal of honor recipient, Dakota Meyer.  Bristol is skinny minny too these days.


Congrats Bristol and Dakota!  We wish you the best.

🙂 Phee

Pics from from Zillow by Melissa Allison.

Featured pic from

Couple pics from

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