Mother Decapitates Baby

20 Mar
Mother Decapitates Baby

This story got me 38 hot, seething with anger, and disgusted at the macaub details.

This 20-year-old chick, Deasia Watkins, had a baby 3 months ago and she was actually ordered to stay away from the baby after she was put into the hospital for postpartum psychosis!!!  While she was in the hospital, her aunt was given custody of her new, precious baby.  After she got out, this same aunt allowed her to move in.  It only took a week for Deasia to snap back into a psychotic state of mind and when she did it was the worst some of the investigators on scene have ever seen.  They will probably be scarred for life, I definitely would be.  That would be my last day if I was a crime scene technician.

Deasia decapitated her 3-month-old baby, stabbed the baby several times, and even broke the baby’s arm.  She left the baby’s body on the dayum kitchen counter so when the kids got ready for school, they walked in and her 5-year-old family member found the dead baby then ran outside screaming and hollering about the dead baby.

The aunt, I’m sure, feels like crap!  Her lack of judgment caused a precious child to lose its life.  Mental illness is serious.  If someone is hospitalized for postpartum psychosis, it must be something serious.  They didn’t say postpartum depression.  That’s a whole other level.  And if a mother is told to stay away from her own baby, it’s definitely not a situation you should take lightly.

I’m sorry but the aunt should be brought up on child abuse charges, negligence, and a couple more things, and pay a fine so can learn the full gravity of the situation.

For Deasia, she is mentally ill and needs help.  I’m glad they are not seeking the death penalty in this case because this child is 20-year-old and they may be able to help her.

😦 Sad Story.  Phee

😦 Phee

Article from done by the AP by Lisa Cornwell.

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