Teen Mom Catelynn and Tyler’s New Baby

19 Mar
Teen Mom Catelynn and Tyler’s New Baby

Have you ever seen Teen Mom on MTV?

I’m definitely not a teen mom but I took to the Teen Mom show because it was real.

Catelynn and Tyler were my favorite couple and they have standed the true tests of time!

They literally made the most grown up decision for teenagers which was to put their first baby girl up for adoption.  They found the most amazing family that offered a somewhat open adoption.  Through the open adoption, the adopted parents allow Catelynn and Tyler to have contact with their baby and they send pictures and updates often.

Catelynn and Tyler chose adoption because Catelynn’s mother and step father were not the best to be around when Catelynn was pregnant, after she had the baby, and even afterwards due to chemical and alcohol dependencies on both of their parts.  You’re not going to believe this but Catelynn and Tyler started dating first but due to their interaction with each other, her mother and his dad fell in love and eventually got married.  LOL!!!!!  I mean, what can you do at that point.  Cate and Ty were already together and that’s just it.

Over time, Cate and Ty have had their issues but they have remained together through it all.  They are one of the very, very, very, few teen parents that can say they did that.

Well, Cate and Ty have a new baby named Novalee and she’s adorbs!!!! Look at her pics below.

catelyn  novalee

I’m sooooooooooo happy for them for staying together, being responsible, and doing big things.

Look at this new tat that Tyler got for Novalee.

novalee tat

Much happiness to you and Ty Cate!!!!!!!!!!!

🙂 Phee

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