Newly Famous McDonald’s Beatdown in NY

19 Mar

It was sooooo hard to hear about this event let alone look at it play out on video.

My stylist told me about it today and I went to YouTube to check it out.

It’s horrible ya’ll.  Absolutely horrible.

First of all, this fight went down in a public McDonald’s filled with students from the high school nearby and other customers.

It was crowded to death because I’m sure the girls involved in planning the “jumping” advertised and told everyone what was going down.

There were FIVE girls against ONE!  This completely goes against the codes of the streets from what I’ve always learned.  It’s supposed to be one on one.  When other people get involved, that’s cowardly to me.  For 5 girls to beat up on one is just despicable and they all need to be arrested and taken to juvenile to be taught a long hard lesson.

One thing I can say is that that the targeted victim was definitely trying to fight back until they eventually over powered her.

Look at this footage and let me know how you feel.  I’d love to get each one of the aggressors and have them each jumped on by 5 people to see how it feels.  For some people, they have to learn the hard way, you can’t just talk to them.

🙂 Phee

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