Pregnancy, a New Life Event?

18 Mar
Pregnancy, a New Life Event?

Ok, I’m a benefits professional and I’ve always been asked this question.

“If I get pregnant, is that a life event?”

The answer right now is, “No, pregnancy is not a life event, birth of a child is.”  However, some lawmakers are working to change that.

The 2 Senators making waves are from California and they argue that the stages of pregnancy and the birth of a child are very costly and should be included among the list of other life events.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.  To me, you should already have health insurance in the first place (not forced to have it) but you should want it just in case something big happens, like getting pregnant or having an unforeseen injury or illness.  As a bit of a side note, healthier individuals need High Deductible Health Plans for that matter.

Anywho,  the California Senators have sent a letter or something to their state to propose that in their marketplace they allow this special event and give women 30-60 days to enroll upon finding out they are pregnant.

One the other hand, if someone does not have insurance before they get pregnant, this will help them and the state from outstanding medical bills.  I don’t know if you know this but having a baby is expensive.  It’s like buying a Yukon Denali XL with t.v.s and captain seats in it.  I’m just saying.  Especially when you have to have a C-Section or if you have multiple births.  In that respect I can understand.

I wonder if their idea will catch on and be included in the entire Affordable Care Act.  We shall see.

I’ve included an article in the link below.

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