In Traffic and You See This…

17 Mar

mobile pole mobile pole2

Yes, a woman twirling on a mobile pole.  How innovative?  Whoever came up with this idea is a visionary, one who will do great things in life.  LOL.

Poles in the club look unreliable, do you think I would be on a mobile one?

What about the children?  Kids are out and about everywhere all times of the day.  What do you do when you pass by this?  How do you explain that to your kids?  “Uhhhh, that’s a new version of the monkey bar hunny”.  LMAO

I wonder if you can get life insurance at a reasonable rate doing this?

How does she get paid for her acrobatics?

Is this advertising for a club nearby?

So many questions.  LOL

🙂  Phee

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