Wedding Fraud

16 Mar
Wedding Fraud

Did you know that you can divorce people for fraud?  Basically if they present themselves in one way but you find out that they are lying about their finances, and other stuff you can leave them for fraud.  You sure can!

I just saw an article about a girl in India that was getting married and for whatever reason, she decided to literally test her husband-to-be during one of the wedding ceremonies.  I promise you, I’m not lying about this.  It’s that funny.

She broke out and asked him, during the wedding, what’s 15 plus 6.  If that’s not crazy enough for you, his dumb ass said 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LMAO

She immediately threw deuces and walked up out of the wedding with her peeps.  Okay, she didn’t throw deuces, but she did leave immediately and would not go back to finish the ceremony.

Basically she said that he lied about his education and she wasn’t gonna to marry him.

Imagine how many weddings wouldn’t happen if we did stuff like that.  Please don’t ask me anything from that show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” cause I wouldn’t be getting married.  LOL!!!!

🙂 Phee

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