Maleficent is My Movie!

13 Mar
Maleficent is My Movie!

My, my, my, I love, love, love a great fantasy movie but with real life lessons you can learn from.

I’m a little late on the Maleficent wagon but it was all that I thought it should be but with a great twist.  Angelina Jolie is my girl and she was gorge in this movie, pointy cheek bones and all!

Basically, you have a beautiful fairy girl (Maleficent) who falls in love with a human boy (Stefan) and he eventually breaks her heart when they’re in their teens by going off and not returning until years later.  He only returns to warn her that the King wants to take over her enchanted lands (the Moors) and wants her dead and whoever brings it to him or shows proof of her death will inherit the kingdom.  Since Stefan was the only person who could get close to Maleficent, instead of killing her he cuts off her wings as “payment” for the crown.  The King felt as though Maleficent were dead since Stefan brought her wings.  He didn’t check the barcode on them to make sure they were hers or nothing.

After Maleficent has her wings torn off, she is scorned by what she thought was her true love and her world becomes engulfed in darkness, hatred and fury.  Maleficent makes friends with a bird or something that she turns into a human (Diaval) and he indebts himself to her for saving his life.  He basically acts as her wings since hers were sawed off by Stefan.  Diaval finds out that Stefan and his queen have had a baby girl and that all the people among the lands will be attending her christening.  Maleficent shows up at the christening (like if your ex showed up at your wedding) and of course Stefan is mortified because he knows what he’s done to her and that he lied to the King (before his death) about killing her to get the kingdom.  Right then and there, Maleficent casts a spell on the new princess Aurora that on her 16th birthday she shall prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and fall into a sleep like death, only to be awakened by true loves kiss.

Well, Stefan goes crazy and orders 3 good fairies to take Aurora to a secluded cottage in the country to raise her and keep her safe and away from any spinning wheels.  He orders that the fairies keep her there until the day after her 16th birthday so that she will be out of harms way of the spell.  The whole time that Aurora is with the 3 fairies, Diaval and Maleficent watch over her also because the fairies don’t know how to take care of a human baby.  Maleficent actually keeps her out of harms way, feeds her, and one day when Aurora is a little girl, she walks up on Maleficent and Maleficent picks her up!  All the while Aurora is in Maleficent’s arms, she feels on Maleficent’s face and horns because she is not afraid of her.

Aurora grows up and it’s coming upon her 16th birthday.  Maleficent is in the forest one day and puts Aurora in a spell and brings her into the Moors to gaze upon the magnificence of the magical land of the Moors.  Aurora is in awe and tells Maleficent that she knows who she is…. her fairy godmother and she’s always seen her shadow and known that Maleficent watches over her.  Maleficent’s reaction to being called a fairy godmother is priceless!  After this, Aurora and Maleficent spend all the time in the world together and become very close to where Aurora says she would like to stay in the Moors with Maleficent all of her days.  She goes to tell the 3 fairies (her fake aunts) that she will be leaving home and one of them spills the beans about taking her back to her father the day after the next.  They also spill the beans about the spell cast by Maleficent and Aurora confronts Maleficent about it then leaves the cottage for the kingdom.  She is not met with a warm embrace though.  The whole time Aurora’s been gone, Stefan went mad trying to figure out a way to kill Maleficent.  The queen passes away in Aurora’s absence also.  Upon seeing Aurora, Stefan immediately has the guards lock her away in her room until the day after her birthday.  I mean, there was no I love you, I missed you Aurora or nothing.  He just says how she looks just like her mother.

While in her room, Aurora hears a calling from a captivating voice luring her to the spinning wheel room where all the wheels were locked away.  Why they weren’t all burned to a crisp, I have no idea.  For reasons I cannot understand Aurora does the unthinkable.  She purposefully pricks her finger on a needle and falls into that sleep like death.

I’ll leave the ending for you to see on your own because it’s the bomb.  I was sooo surprised at the ending and you will be too but I loved the message.

Maleficent is on HBO and I’m sure at any discount movie theaters or Redbox near you.

Check it out and let me know how YOU liked it.

🙂 Phee

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