Pedestrians are Not Safe in Atlanta

10 Mar
Pedestrians are Not Safe in Atlanta

Clawd have mercy, it is not safe for the pedestrian in Atlanta Lord.

I promise you, every week there are pedestrians killed here in Altanta.

Just this year alone, there have already been about 5 that I can remember!

  • January 22nd a lady was walking on 285 and was struck by several cars and the freeway was shut down due to her parts being strewn about.
  • February 6th a pedestrian was hit on 285 also trying to cross the freeway.
  • March 1st a pedestrian was killed in Marietta trying to cross Windy Hill Road.
  • March 5th a lady was crossing the street trying to catch a bus and she was hit and killed, the driver just drove away.
  • Tonight a police officer hit a person with his patrol car, details are still outstanding as to what happened.

My mom made a joke, although bad, I think it’s perfect.  She said that pretty soon, in Atlanta, pedestrians are just going to be laying on the side of the road dead with their arms and feet up like dead dogs because it happens so much.  It’s just going to be normal like when we see a dead possum in the road or something.  LOL

It’s just a weird driving experience here in Atlanta.  When the light turns green and you need to turn right, that’s when the pedestrians are getting their signal to cross the street.  It’s the same when you’re trying to turn left, you have to wait until the pedestrians get across the street before you can turn.  It’s just a timing issue that can be bad.

Now, walking on the freeway or crossing the freeway are a different beast.  You cannot judge the speed of oncoming vehicles.  Point blank period!  Then, a lot of times, I really think that there are just some sadistic people that make a game out of hitting people.  Word on the street is you get 10,000 bonus points or something like that.  I don’t know all the rules of the game personally.  hee hee

Nonetheless, walking is a way of life here in Atlanta and the more people walking the more accidents we’re going to have.  Just like, the more cars on the street, the more accidents.  It’s a direct correlation.

Pray for our pedestrians in Atlanta!

🙂 Phee

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One response to “Pedestrians are Not Safe in Atlanta

  1. reallifemarti

    March 11, 2015 at 6:14 AM

    I walking in a shopping center off of Howell Mill last week and almost got run over twice!. Not to mention other bad driving I’ve seen IN THE DAMN PARKING LOT! And that’s why I live OTP!



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