xReborn Dolls

08 Mar

I thought I had heard and seen it all, apparently not.

I just looked at the video from the link below about these dolls that are made to feel and look like a real baby.  People buy them when they have lost a child or if they can’t have children at all.  These dolls are also purchased by people who want a memento of how their child looked as a baby.  The manufacturer can make them in all shades with their eyes open or closed and they can even pee and eat!  Hell, that’s a real baby.  LOL.  They need to get a vintage corn silk cabbage patch doll and all it a day.

This is a picture of the xReborn Doll model.  I don’t know why the lady chose to adorn the doll with that crazy devil hat.


Here are some other realistic doll pics I found that are scary real.  The little girl doll in the blanket is adorable.


Look at the video about the xReborn doll below.

🙂 Phee

Video from and posted on Yahoo.

Pics from,, and

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