Photographer Proposes in a Cute Way

04 Mar

I don’t know why guys don’t understand the importance of a proposal.

Now if you’re proposing to sleep with me or for a piece of my sandwich, it doesn’t have to be special.  If you’re proposing for me to spend the rest of my life with you, and only you, it needs to be a memorable occasion.

I’m from the old school and believe in getting a woman’s family blessing.  It’s not required but it would be adorable to know you went behind my back (in a good way) and spoke to people that birthed me about wanting my hand in marriage.

Ok, so if that’s not possible (since my momma nem don’t like nobody I date) make the proposal something I’ll never forget and can talk about out of excitement instead of humiliation.  Girl, he proposed to me at Popeye’s over a 2 piece and a pepper.  Lmao!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you t has to be extravagant but I wanna remember and have it be a surprise.

Look at some of these sweet engagements and the one that inspired my post with the photographer and his girlfriend in the article below.

Posted by TrollingStation TV.

She had no idea what was happening when all the other dancers stopped.  She was like, let me go somewhere and sit down cause obviously I missed practice.  LMAO!  Adorable surprise though.

Posted by Bob Bauer on YouTube

Posted by POPSUGAR Girls’ Guide.

🙂 Phee

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