Morning Sex Please…

04 Mar
Morning Sex Please…

Well, here I was thinking morning sex was just simply fun because a man’s body has a mind of its own. I mean who could resist that visually stimulating cocoa stick. Especially, if your man is on his back or he rolls over and hits or pokes you with it. 😉 Oh yeah! I digress, as I perused my March 2015 issue of Shape Magazine, I came across an intriguing article; Big Benefits of Morning Sex.

I thought, you mean, there’s more to morning sex than pleasure? Whaaaat? Are you telling me it’s actually good for me? Whaaat? As you can see, this definitely peaked my interest. Shape Magazine listed 3 reasons why morning sex is beneficial.

1. It feels really good. Testosterone levels peak between 7am and 9am. That means he will have a harder, longer-lasting erection, which equals slower, more pleasurable sex for you, says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D. – Ladies, if your man is having trouble with stamina, try him during these peak hours and get ready for a thrill ride.

2. You’ll be relaxed all day long. The post-sex rush of endorphins and hormones keep you happy and helps buffer you against stress for hours, Hutcherson says. Sex also helps lower blood pressure, keeping you calm.– Can you attest to this?  Afterwards, sitting in another boring meeting, did your mind drift to that “O-mazing” position he put you in just an hour ago? That is so much better to ponder on than the statistics in front of you. Things that would typically bother you just roll right off of your shoulders. For this reason alone, it should be mandatory to have morning sex. Lol

3. Deeper sleep that night. – Being active for 30 minutes at 7am leads to sleeping longer that night, according to a study from Appalachian State University.  And yes,  other research has found that longer sex sessions do count as aerobic exercise. – Part Deux. Round two. Let’s get it on again. Nooice!! If you sleep deeper, the next morning you’ll be refreshed, energized, and ready to do it, ride it, that pony. Lol. Maybe get a little nasty. You never know with the stamina and energy. Oh my!

Help bring morning sex back. It’s for your own good. 😆

👄 KT

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