Treadmill 101

02 Mar

If you’re trying to get fit, a treadmill is a wonderful way to do so.  These days there are soooo many options from various name brands that it can make your head spin.  I am looking for the perfect treadmill myself for my mom, daughter, and I to get fit with and I had to do some serious research.

Did you know that there are recommended treadmill belts depending on your height and weight?  They’re sure are.  I found out that if you weigh a little more than your recommended weight or you are taller than average, you need a wider and longer treadmill belt so that when you’re walking or running, it’s more comfortable.  I found 2 treadmills at that had a belt 20×55 that would be optimal for all of my family members.

Also, there are treadmills with cushioned belts now that make walking less stressful for your feet and joints, especially those knees.  This is great for everyone.  I stopped walking outside on the concrete because it was wearing my knees out and I was always in so much pain afterwards.

I even found out that there are manual treadmills!  You must be crazy!  I need a motor on mine to give me that little push.  LOL

Whatever your preference, choose a treadmill that works well for you and what you’re trying to accomplish.  Inclining treadmills are a great way to increase the calorie burning in your workout.  You may find the treadmills equipped with preset workouts, cooling fans, and even some that you can plug an iPhone into for musical workouts.

Let me know if you have a treadmill already and how it works for you.  I love recommendations.

I’m thinking of getting the Gold’s Gym Crosswalk 570 from Walmart when it comes back in stock (below).  The reviews I read were great and it has the wider belt I need since I’m a bigger woman.

treadmill 570treadmill 570 2

Get fit with me CDs!  We all need to make sure we take care of our temples.  We only have one.

🙂 Phee

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