Prayers for Carlos & his Quads

02 Mar
Prayers for Carlos & his Quads

This is such a touching story. Carlos Morales and his wife Erica were elated to become parents to a set of quadruplets after suffering a prior miscarriage. Erica went into labor at 7 months and had a C-section birth.  She delivered the babies and was taken to the recovery room.

After coming out of anesthesia, Erica squeezed her husband’s hand and they shared a quiet moment together. A short time later, alarms went off in the room and doctors rushed in to attempt to save Erica’s life.  An hour later, she was gone. She didn’t get a chance to choose the name for their last baby girl, she didn’t get to hold them, she didn’t get to see the love showered on her entire family, and so many other 1st still to come.

And then, there’s Carlos. He will have to pick up the pieces and raise their children by himself. He will constantly be reminded of his beloved wife in each of their little faces. When asked about this day, he said, “I went from having the best day of my life to the next morning experiencing the worst day of my life,” Carlos says. “My four babies came into the world and then my wife died.” In her honor, he named the 3rd little girl Erica.


Please keep this new dad, Erica’s family and their babies in prayer. There is a go fund me account setup for them as well; Erica Morales Fund – Quadruplets :

This story is courtesy of For more details and to learn more about Morales family, you can visit

🙏 KT

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