Pearlgate is Over!

01 Mar
Pearlgate is Over!

I love how they made a big scandal out of Lupita Nyong’o’s dress being stolen.  Honestly it was a big scandalous for someone at a prestigious hotel to steal someone’s Oscar gown.  I didn’t understand how it was stolen in the first place with all the security in the London Hotel in LA.  Hmmmmm.

In my mind, I thought a rival designer stole the dress to tear it apart because she was supposed to wear one of their designs or something.

Anywho, the dress has been returned by the thief only because they found out the pearls were FAKE.  Otherwise, they would’ve kept the dress valued at $150,000!!!!

Lupita wore this dress to death hunny!  No one else can even think of wearing a pearl dress like that ever in the near future.  But you know someone is going to try and outdo that dress.  I can only imagine what it will be and who will wear it.  My bet is Kim K will wear an all diamond bodice with a tutu or even better, baby North will wear it.  LOL!

🙂 Phee

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