The Most Powerful

28 Feb

I absolutely love this!! Be inspired….

💖 KT

The most powerful weapon we possess is that of our mind and its expression; the voice in which we speak, the extreme variable degrees our inflection may change a given tone, thus completely, changing its meaning. These words at our disposal may be useful or destructive against our own self or another person in our presence.

The “Sticks and Stones” expression is the biggest playground farce; names CAN ‘forever’ hurt us. We must hold ourselves and those within our influence to a higher standard. There is never justification for a person of integrity, class and cognition, at any time, to belittle another.  

Be more.

Breathe love and light. Share joys and recognition. Encourage strength and forgiveness. Send Sunshine and purely shine, the way our heart and minds were meant to.

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One response to “The Most Powerful

  1. KaseyMoone

    February 28, 2015 at 5:47 PM

    Powerful message! Thanks for sharing this.



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