Walmart Starts a New Trend

27 Feb
Walmart Starts a New Trend

If you missed it, Walmart decided to raise their minimum wage for its workers to at least $9 an hour.  I was like, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.  Woooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

I love me some Walmart but I also know they have had their fair share of not paying workers appropriately, discriminating against women, not paying people for all the hours they work, and offering shotty benefit plans.  As much money as they get from me alone, they should be able to pay more than a minimum $9 to be honest BUT we’re making strides with them.

Once the giant took a step, other companies decided to follow suit.  The article that I came across below from Yahoo Finance shows that TJ Maxx and Marshall’s will increase their minimums to at least $9 as well.

I love it!  It’s about time they ALL do something.  Now the fast food chains need to jump on board because they’ve been making money hand over fist at the same time paying people less than nothing.   Pretty soon people at McDonald’s will be making $20 an hour.  Hopefully then, that gives them an incentive so that they can get my freakin order right.

🙂 Phee

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