Taylor Swift Saves the Day for a Super Fan

27 Feb
Taylor Swift Saves the Day for a Super Fan

I adore Taylor Swift’s rise to fame.  She’s one of the youngest musicians with almost majority control over her album, songs, and career path and that’s hard to do then stay at the top of the charts.

To me, Taylor is a genuine person and really cares about people, especially her fans.

I read an article from the Huffington Post that said a super fan of hers sent Taylor a video of Taylor and her friends.  Taylor responded by sending the super fan a watercooler with a bunch of momentos and then a check for $1989 to help her pay off her student loans.

This was so sweet of Taylor to do this in my eyes.  I felt like I had got the check because I just really appreciate someone helping someone else out sometimes.

Let me win the lottery….it would be my job to help others with whatever!  That’s why I want the money the most.

Anywho, Taylor, thanks for helping one of your fans “shake off” the feds for awhile.  LOL

🙂 Phee

Article from the Huffington Post.

Pic from

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One response to “Taylor Swift Saves the Day for a Super Fan

  1. Send Sunshine

    February 27, 2015 at 6:16 PM

    I am a lover of Taylor too! 🙂



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