Snack Bandit

25 Feb

At 2:30am, I get out of the shower and proceed down the hall to check on my toddler to make sure she is asleep. Unfortunately,  she is a night owl just like her parents.  I actually work from home and my office is next door to her bedroom.  During the day,  I keep various snacks on my desks to nibble on. For about a year now, my daughter has been afraid of the dark.  I mean, she freaks out if her nightlight or tv isn’t on in her room at night. 

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I run into this chick coming out of my office with 2 wheat crackers in her hand.  My office is pitch black. She’s not freaking out at all.  Has she been playing us for a year just to keep her tv on at night? Hmmmmm. Then she tells me, I wanted some crackers and takes a bite. Sometimes these kids make you wanna just scream.  You gotta love ‘ em!

Share your crazy kids story! I can’t be the only one out here with a “curious” child. Lol.

😨 KT

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