VINIQ… Conversation Piece with a BuZZ!

24 Feb
VINIQ… Conversation Piece with a BuZZ!

I haven’t seen Viniq publicly until today on the Wendy Williams Show and I was like “Noooooo, my secret is out!”.

Until today, I was acting like me and my friends and family were the only ones with the exclusive access to it.  LOL

Viniq is an awesome new moscato and vodka combination in a purple sparkly concoction.

When you shake the bottle, the liquor swirls around and it looks like a really neat science project.


The taste is a 10 to me.  It’s strong but sweet too.

Price wise, the big bottle at my local corner beverage mart is 19.99 and the little bottle is 9.99.

The buzz potential is around a 8.25 or 8.75 but if you drink it too fast, you’ll be prone to being the star of a video that you probably wouldn’t have done prior to drinking the Viniq.  LOL

I’m already on the Viniq, you need to try it, if you’re a drinker, and let me know what you think.

🙂 Phee

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