Rich People Thangs: Zamunda Comes to America

23 Feb
Rich People Thangs: Zamunda Comes to America

Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion or whatever he chooses to call himself these days and his wife threw their son a Coming to America themed 18th birthday party. He walked in behind petal throwers, sat on his thrown, and even saw his queen come down the aisle. It looked pretty extravagant. Check out the video of the event on the TMZ link below.

My 18th birthday consisted of a birthday cake and dinner. No dancing, lions, or security . Lol. Snoop’s son is a cutie pie and we’ve seen his football prowess since his peewee days. In fact, he just committed to UCLA so we should see him in action real soon. I’m sure he deserved all the attention especially since his dad is known for being extra hard on him as his coach.

Cocoa Drops, how did you celebrate your 18th birthday? Anything fancy?


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