How To De-Invite Your Parents to Your Wedding

22 Feb

Did anyone else see this article?

A girl in Australia sent her parents a de-invitation to her wedding because she said for years they abused her before she ran away from home at 16.

She put together an actual invitation on special paper and mailed it to them.

Here’s the actual copy….


She snapped!  LOL

I would not have said anything to them at all but this apparently brought joy to her little heart to know they were anxiously awaiting it and opened it to read these horrible words.

She better be careful, they can find out where she’s getting married and do horrible things to still ruin her big day.  Other relatives can ruin it on their behalf.  You never know.

It’s funny none-the-less.

🙂 Phee

Invitation from article below on yahoo by Beth Greenfield.

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