Engagement Ring Madness

22 Feb
Engagement Ring Madness

It’s one thing to have an engagement ring that makes your girlfriends sick to death but it’s an entirely different situation when you have an engagement ring that can get several small countries out of their national debt.

I just saw the article below about some pricey engagement rings.  Humphries ring to Kim K was $1 million.  Kanye’s ring to Kim K was valued in between $7-8 million.  Beyoncé’s ring from Jay-Z is valued at $5 million but one of Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat rings (the chick was married like 47 times, hee hee) sold at an auction for $116 million!!!!!!!   Look at some of the other big ol rings walking around with celebrities (Kim Zolciak got 2 rings but from the same man though, LOL).  No shade Kim K.

1. You know who.  2.  Kim Zolciak’s 2 rings.  3.  Russell Westbrook  4.  You know who.

kim k ringKim Z Ringwestbrook ringleakes ring

How do they walk around with rings that big?  You can’t run into Publix, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart or Ingles with a ring on that dayum big.  You can’t run into the corner store, the one where you can buy single cigarettes and the homeless man you know by name is always hanging out.  Not gonna happen.  You can’t do that anymore cause T-Dawg and his homies will be waiting for you when you come out.  You can’t go to a PTA meeting with a ring on like that.  When you walk in all you hear is people sucking they teeth (look at this bish).  All of sudden, you get knocked over the head in the parking lot going to your car one night.  You cannot wear that everywhere.  You have to take it off 95% of the places you go in a day.  It’s not worth it to have it if you can’t wear it safely in my opinion.

When rich people give rings out, they publicize it so EVERYONE knows about it.  You are basically a new target for those high class thieves.  All of sudden, there’s an Ocean’s 14 movie themed after you and how a bunch of thieves stole your ring and gave you a CZ and U.O.E.N.O.!  LMAO

And what about the true victim in all this?  The Diamond.  Poor diamonds, people just be using the mess out of them all the time.  They even made chocolate diamonds and canary diamonds and pink ones too.  Don’t you think diamonds are tired of being used for us to show off?  Save the diamonds everybody.  Cubic Zirconia looks exactly the same and no one knows the difference.  No one should be that close to you anyway to be all in your business.  LOL!  You know I’m lying.  My birthstone is a diamond so I was born into the diamond game!

🙂 Phee

Article from by Jeanie Ahn.

Pics from, eonline (Kim K ring), tmz (westbrook ring), hqdefault.jpg/ (leakes ring), zolciak ring).

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