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Medical people come up with a word for everything these days.  And no, co-sleeping does not mean sleeping with your 2 boyfriends, 2 girlfriends, husband and your boyfriend or your wife and her sister.  It is when children are allowed to sleep in the same bed with you instead of their own bed in their own cute, little room.  Why medical people can’t just say that instead of co-sleeping?  I have no idea.

Anywho, I have a friend that allowed her daughter to sleep with her and her husband until he was like 12-14 years old!  Not 2-4 years old, 12-14 years old.  Read this carefully………..THAT IS TOO DAYUM LONG TO HAVE YOUR KID IN THE BED WITH YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE/PARTNER, WHATEVA!!!!!!

Now, as parents, we start out with big, beautiful dreams.  We find out we’re preggers and we go to planning every little detail and the “I wonders” set in.  I wonder what they’ll look like, how they’ll talk, etc.  We buy books and get all babytelligent (if you will) so we think.  We buy a crib and come up with colors for the nursery once we find out the sex of the baby and all.  We go through all that to have them little crumb snatchers steal our beds day in and day out.  You put them in their bed, go to the bathroom, pull back the covers and BAM! there they are on your freakin pillow.  It’s like they’re in the movie Jumper or something.  Their nursery basically becomes a second closet, storage area, or just the place where they go to play.

H and R block says “get your billions back America”, I’m saying “Take your beds back America!!!!”.  LOL

I was once a violator of the BSTOBA (Babies Sleep in Their Own Bed Act), Section 2-56, Article 37 too so I can speak on this subject with expertise.  Violations of this Act for me included lack of sleep, random kicks in the stomach and face, neck cramps, scratches, anxiety from thinking the baby got lost in the cover or fell in between the bed and of course reduced relations activity!  This was me in this pic.  Kids just mistreat you.  They don’t put that in the parenting books and stuff!


Basically nothing is yours anymore.  I gave up my womb and body for 10 months in the name of science and that still wasn’t good enough.  They took my bed too.  I did it out of convenience and safety with my first chickadee.  I was a new parent and I had fears of SIDS or that something may be wrong and I didn’t hear her so I thought her sleeping with me would be the best idea.  This lasted off and on until she was 3.5 or 4 until she didn’t want to sleep with ME anymore due to HER independence.  Miss “can’t get her own job” was all of a sudden independent.  Imagine that.  Ha!

I wish I wanted to say there’s no right or wrong answer but there is a right answer.  Children should not sleep with you forever ESPECIALLY when you are married.  I don’t even want to imagine all the GOD awful things that may happen while kids are in the bed with their parents and it’s Mr. and Mrs. Nasty Time.  LOL.  Seriously though, 12 years old is a bit old to be sleeping with parents every single night.  If the child is sick or it’s a thunderstorm, I understand whole heartedly but enough can be enough.  I mean, what are you going to do, when you go to the nursing home, tell them you need bunk beds??? Ijs

I found the article below for those who may be wondering about this topic and need some advice.  There is no bible for parenting but there are great guides.  Make your own from your experience.

😉 Phee

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2 responses to “Co-Sleeping

  1. winebyari

    February 21, 2015 at 3:27 PM

    I’ve never been a fan of kids sleeping with parents. My child sleep in a bassinet in our room until 6 mos and in her own room from then on. We didn’t play that, because mommy and daddy need there own time.



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