Everyday is the 14th

15 Feb

Oh my goodness.  This guy has written every word my husband has spoken all day long.


While we were shopping at the grocery store, my husband was even more committed to his sentiment.  As he watched several men crowd the florist station and purchase bouquets and balloons, he began to tsk tsk down the aisle. But, the funny part is my toddler coerced him to buy a heart-shaped Frozen balloon just for her. Unbeknownst to him, he became one of those men. Lol. I agree that you should show love 365 days a year and I’m also not mad that there is 1 day set aside to show others love. Fellas, just be consistent and genuine 365. Your lady will definitely show you how much you are appreciated in return.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day with or without another person.

💖 KT

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