A Special Dad!

15 Feb
A Special Dad!

Cocoa Drops, this is a special man right here.

Good Morning America did an article on Samuel Forest of Armenia whose wife gave birth to his beautiful son, Leo, who has down syndrome.

In Armenia, if your child is born with a disability or anything it seems, you have the choice to give them up apparently. Who does that? Who? His wife, that’s who. She decided as soon as she was told by the pediatrician Leo had Down Syndrome that she wasn’t going to take him home. She literally gave Sam a life changing choice right then that if he kept the baby, she would divorce him. Wow, she deserves the G2H (go to hell) award of the century. She didn’t even give Sam the time to talk it over just between the two of them.

Since that day, Sam and Leo have been a dream team. Sam has a gofundme page set up to get enough money to work part-time and care for Leo too. Then he wants to go back to his home country of New Zealand where he has more family support. His page is called “Bring Leo Home”.

CDs let’s do what we can to help Sam and Leo. They deserve our love and support!

Donate today in the name of love and family!

🙂 Phee
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