When a good song is sampled…Mary Jane Girls “All Night Long”

11 Feb

Driving to my eye appointment today,  I heard that familiar beat drop; All Night Long by Mary Jane Girls and had to wait to see which artist would come on. To my surprise it was a good one, Smooth Operator by Big Daddy Kane. Of course, I heard it on that hot OG 97.9 Hip Hop radio station. When I looked into how many songs have sampled this one beat there were over 80 songs. Wow! You know, it has to be an awesome song to have so many artists sample it. Remember these are the same women who sang In My House. Those soprano harmonies are THE BOMB!!

Two of my all time favorites is Tell Me by Groove Theory and the queen Mary J. Blige’s cover. Here is the link if you want to check out that list –

Turn your speakers up!!! For your listening pleasure here are the fabulous Mary Jane Girls:


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