TMZ: Bobbi Kristina – Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway… Boyfriend Targeted

07 Feb
TMZ: Bobbi Kristina – Foul Play Criminal Investigation Underway… Boyfriend Targeted

Cocoa Drops, this situation regarding Bobbi Kristina’s young life is so sad. Everyday the news outlets are giving different twists and turns about what happened, what’s happening now, who did what, who’s doing what now, etc. Your heart can’t help, but to break for this family dealing with another tragedy of this magnitude. People tend to forget that these people were plain ole human beings just like us before they became a part of the perceived sacrosanct celebrity society. This is a family grieving for the young life of their daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, and cousin.

Unfounded speculations from secret inside sources hurt and increase the tension amongst them. I do watch enough Investigation Discovery to know that the spouse/partner is always the first suspect in these cases, so Nick being investigated is standard procedure. You can head over to for them to tell you nothing beyond the headline except Nick has a lawyer. We are praying for Bobbi Kristina and her entire family. If this was not a tragic accident and someone was involved in bringing her to this current state, I pray that their conscience will not allow them to rest until they come forward and are brought to justice.


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