The Ultimate Chocolate High

06 Feb
The Ultimate Chocolate High

Did you know that for just $50, you can experience the greatest chocolate high of your life? Belgium chocolatier, Dominique Persoone was tasked with creating a dessert for a Rolling Stones party in 2007. He wanted to make sure this was the best rock n’ roll and chocolate experience of their lives.

Because he was intrigued by how the the sense of smell increased the pleasure of taste, he wanted to invent a device that incorporated both senses. Inspired by a propeling tobacco sniffer device created by his grandfather, Dominique created the Chocolate Shooter. That’s right folks! He created a device just so you can snort chocolate.


Pic Credit: Yahoo News

The device was a hit at the party and demand soon increased for the Chocolate Shooter. They come in either mint and ginger or mint and raspberry flavors. This is how he describes the experience in the Yahoo News story, “The mint and the ginger really tinkle your nose,” the 46-year-old said in his chocolate factory in the medieval city of Bruges. “Then the mint flavor goes down and the chocolate stays in your brain.”

Excuse me? This is the same description of a high an addict gives about snorting cocaine minus the flavors of course. This is crazy to me. It is simply not that serious. Snorting chocolate?! Really! There definitely has to be some market for it because 25,000 devices have been sold. I’m amazed. Check out the video below by the creator Dominique Persoone to see how it works.


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