No, she didn’t…

06 Feb
No, she didn’t…

Just as I do every night, I prepare my daughter’s dinner, place it on her table and tell her to sit down and eat. Tonight, I placed her plate on her table and went upstairs to bump (meaning just knock the wrinkles out) my husband’s clothes for work since he was running late.

As I’m ironing, my daughter twirls in the room in her princess dress and heels that she’s had on since this morning looking for her daddy. I told her that he is getting ready for work and that she needed to go downstairs to eat her food. This little girl looked at me and started shaking her head no at me. And the words that followed had me saying, no she didn’t. This little girl puts on the “I’m so innocent” face and tells me no, it’s yucky. I was like, Excuse me little girl?

Now, she is going through this picky eating phase and it is driving me nuts. One day she loves broccoli and the next day she’s turning up her nose at it. On top of that, she is sooooo dramatic. She has a “moment” if she sees what she now doesn’t like on her plate. I hope this phase ends soon or one of us will have to leave. Lol. Kids. You gotta love ’em.


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