Lifetime Movie: With this Ring

05 Feb
Lifetime Movie: With this Ring

Almost two weeks ago, With This Ring premiered on Lifetime. You typically expect a lot of drama and poor acting with Lifetime movies, but they still seem to keep you watching. With This Ring, is not that movie. This movie stars Reginal Hall, Jill Scott, Eve, and Brooklyn Sudano and is about 3 single women who while attending their friend’s wedding vow to be married before the following New Year’s Eve. Surprisingly enough, this movie was funny, sweet, and endearing.

Each of the ladies were in different stages in their lives. Regina Hall was single, career-focused and looked for love in all the wrong places.  Eve was dating a married man and decides to expose his cheating wife in hopes she could get her man to marry her. Jill Scott was a single-parent and in an amicable co-parenting situation searching to complete her family. Regina and Jill go on crazy dates. They kinda reminded me of Key and Peele skits. Eve becomes a detective to win her man.

It’s a Lifetime movie, so you know there were happy endings for all 3 of them and there were lots of surprises along the way. I really enjoyed this film, the colors, the music, and the storylines. One thing about Jilly from Philly, she knows how to emote sensuality on the screen and she lets it be known. Check it out when it comes back on. You will be pleased.

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Also, this movie deals with a lot of truths when it comes to single women aging. I’m curious… has anyone ever been judged because you were “still” single? Would you ever marry someone just for the sake of receiving your MRS certificate? Do you find yourself constantly in the “teammate” position?


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