Groundhog Disagrees With Mayor

03 Feb
Groundhog Disagrees With Mayor

Bwahahahahahahahaha!  I haven’t laughed this hard in the morning in a long time.

In a stunning thriller, the groundhog of 2015 got extremely close to the mayor and politely bit him on the ear after the mayor lied on the groundhog according to sources close to the mayor and groundhog.

Others say that the mayor owed the groundhog some money for bribes in former groundhog predictions to make the mayor look favorable in upcoming elections.  LOL.

In other reports, I heard the groundhog is actually female and was responding to pheromones the mayor was giving off, similar to what happens in mating season.  Lmao

Either way, the video is hilarious especially how the mayor keeps his composure through it all.

Had it been me, PETA would have drawn charges against me after I beat the hell out of that groundhog for disrespecting me in from of my constituents.  LOL.  Just jokes.

See the video below from YouTube courtesy of the associated press.

😂 Phee

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