How Many Times Does It Take Suge Knight To Get Arrested Before He’s Jailed for Life?

01 Feb
How Many Times Does It Take Suge Knight To Get Arrested Before He’s Jailed for Life?

The infamous, and fine, Suge Knight strikes again.  This time, he cannot place blame or transfer it to anyone else.  On Thursday, January 29th, Suge Knight literally hit a man after leaving the shoot for the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.  There were two men at the rear of the parking lot when Suge approached in his vehicle.  An argument ensued and Suge backed up over one of them and then ran over another leaving the scene.  One of the men was pronounced dead and the police are handling this as a homicide.

Suge Knight has been involved with so many different situations over the years.  He was with Tupac when Tupac got shot up.  Not too long ago, he got shot up at a party and survived.  Then, most recently, he and Katt Williams were accused of assaulting a paparazzi.  However, with this incident, if he has a good enough attorney, they will probably try to claim Suge was in fear of his life and was fleeing the scene fearing he would get shot or something like that.

All I know is he needs to stand up like a man and take his punishment for killing someone in such a way and for nothing.  What happened to the days when people just fought it out like men and both people walked away to see another day?  Now, one family is in mourning and Suge is sitting in jail with a huge bond.  tsk tsk

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