Another Tamika Loses Custody

31 Jan
Another Tamika Loses Custody

It’s just not a good time for baby mommas named Tamika.  Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, lost custody of both her boys with Usher after their divorce.  Now Tamika Fuller has lost her primary custody to baby daddy Ludacris.

If you remember, there were pics and everything regarding the heartwarming proposal between Luda and his fiancé.  All of a sudden Ludacris just so happened to get engaged and married over the holidays right before his custody hearing.  Hmmmmmm.  Then, when his baby was first born, he was fighting tooth and nail to get his child support reduced from the $7000 per month that he was required to pay.  Now he has primary custody of the baby?

What do you have to do to lose primary custody of your kid(s)?  I always thought you had to be proven unfit where they find a kilo of cocaine in your car, you get caught selling foodstamps, or live in a war zone.  Nope, this day in age, it really seems like money talks.  Whoever has the most money wins the battle.  Don’t get me wrong, if Ms. Fuller was using this baby as a paw, yeah, take her away.  However, if she’s a good mom and lives in a safe neighborhood with financial stability, leave her alone and just pay the child support.

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