The Old, I’m Going Out For a Coke Trick

29 Jan
The Old, I’m Going Out For a Coke Trick

Black folks know all about this trick but, in the scenario we use to hear about, the man would go for cigarettes or milk. Why milk, I have no earthly idea. I guess the kids needed it for their cereal the next day or his wife was making that cornbread from scratch. LOL.

Anywho, it’s been time for people to keep it real and just say that things aren’t working out and we need to do this or that. To just up and walk away from your family is crazy!  Leaving your wife is bad enough.  Leaving your kids is disgusting.  What did they do for you to desert them and take your love away? Parents that abandon their kids can leave scars that no one can heal and that abandonment can creep up into future relationships with the opposite sex and even the way they relate to their friends. I’m no formal therapist but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

It’s a selfish decision and it seems like some men take it so lightly to just leave their family or their kids behind and then they start brand new replacement families.  It’s amazing that some men will leave kids and have other kids with women and not even try to have the kids meet or be a part of the original child’s life.  Just imagine how many kids are without their fathers and how they long to have a relationship with them.

The guy in this article from The Huffington Post wanted to spend the holidays as a family, one last time, before he knowingly tore it apart. Excuse me sir, we do not need you all up in our family photos to remember, oh yeah, that was the last Christmas we had before daddy dipped on us.  The decent thing to do is to be respectful to all parties involved.   Give a heads up so that I can tell my boyfriend it’s cool for him to start sleeping over and to leave his toothbrush. hee hee. Just jokes on that part but seriously, families are precious and when you have one, do everything in your power to keep it together!


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