Love & Hip Hop 1.26.15 Episode

28 Jan
Love & Hip Hop 1.26.15 Episode

Well, well, well this show sure does know how to take you through so many emotions. Between Chrissy’s weird & forced looking cries and Amina being a wife and the other woman to the same man at the same damn time is pretty crazy. There were several things that happened in this latest episode.

Peter Gunz came clean to Amina about his business trip. Whaaat? The tin man has a heart?! I’ve never called a guy this before, but this dude is a douche bag. During his wife’s 40th week of pregnancy, he takes his most recent baby mama and their two kids on a vacation to Barbados. Amina is upset and says she is done, but we all know how that ends for them. Now I know baby mama, Tara wants to keep a facade about her “family unit” for the kids, but come on now. That is foul. Someone please shake her and remind her that he was never her husband and she needs to tell her kids that their daddy loves them, but he now has a wife and will not be with them everyday anymore. She’s getting on my nerves harboring all this resentment. She needs to release that stress and count her blessings that she has been delivered her from that 13 year curse. Oh no,Tara only sees one thing. Peter was stolen. Idiot. She wants his wife, Amina to continuously feel bad about breaking up her “family.” I appreciate Amina calling her out about being a side chick herself previously. But, of course for Tara her situation was different. I wouldn’t feel bad anymore either Amina. Plus, you didn’t really win anything. He was willing to leave you and place you as the baby mama of his 9th child if Tara would let him in just like that. Ugh. I do not like him.

Chrissy stopped crying. Now, she’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! Lol. So, Chrissy previously told her married boyfriend who recently moved in with her that she wanted a baby and she hasn’t taken her birth control for 3 weeks. He spazzed out rather calmly on her about that. I mean, really? What in the hell did she expect? Then she did this weird crying thing she does. It’s scary and a must-see. Lol. So, the aftermath ended with her man Chink talking to Rich Dollaz and coming to the conclusion that he wants to make things right with his lady. Chrissy comes to the studio with a chips on her shoulders (I know y’all thought those were shoulder pads. Nope!) and he doesn’t really get to speak on his feelings about her because she is over talking him. She is very stoned-faced and wants to know what he meant by saying “if” he divorces his wife instead of “when” during their previous argument. The answer really didn’t matter. Just know they broke up and she told him to have a nice life. Lol.

Yandy and Mendecees have a blended family issue. Mendecees and his baby mama, Samantha are at odds about the time each should spend with Jr. She wants him to become a weekend daddy and set some things up in the courts. He blames her for not being around during Jr.’s younger years and doesn’t feel she is entitled to have an opinion about his custody. Yandy does what she does best and tries to help resolve the issue by having a meeting to set up a meeting. Mendecees and Samantha meet up and go in on one another for a minute and she tells him about setting up things with the court and how they would be on her side. He tells her no they wouldn’t because if they ask Jr., he’ll tell them who has been there. Oooohhh.  Then it seems to shift when he reminds her that because of the case he currently has and the time he’s facing, he wants to spend as much time with him as he can. This Samantha is looking a little sheisty at the moment to me, but I hope they work all that out.

Delusional and self-involved Erica makes an ass out of herself. Again. So, both of Erica’s exes are now working together in business. Cyn wants to sing a song about her brother’s suicide and give the proceeds to charity and in exchange Rich asked her to be the face of his new liquor. Somehow, Erica believes that their business deals are all about her. She absolutely refuses to believe otherwise. She shows up to Rich’s liquor debut party just to be an ass. Gets drunk, says some dumb stuff, proceeds to leave and tries to walk out through the mirror. Really? So, classy. Cyn reaches out to her afterwards to say let’s just move on, but Erica is stuck on the fact Cyn is talking to her friends and she needs to stop. This isn’t high school. Sheesh.  Anyway, Erica is obviously that person who wants to pretend she isn’t hurt and has no feelings then goes home, looks in the mirror and cries. All of that can be resolved if you just be genuine.

Final thought:  Viel Glück! Or Good Luck on ending things with Peter, Amina. I hope you get on the plane with your sister and go back to Germany with your baby.


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