Finally Someone Stops The Madness

26 Jan
Finally Someone Stops The Madness

Omgoodness!  I’m so glad someone somewhere has the cajones (balls in Spanish) to stop the madness when parents are trying to name their babies ridiculous things.  Yes, some parents over in France wanted to name their baby Nutella.  WHY!?  Why would you have your child publicly ridiculed and chased around the playground taunted until they get so mad they start slappin people for messing with them or sink into depression.

Listen parents, all names are not good names for children, maybe animals.  I named my beta fish Quinjarius and Zytarius as a joke but as a Human Resource professional, I promise you, employers discriminate based on names.  I’ve seen it first hand. That’s the first thing they see when someone applies, their name.  I’ve literally been witness to a recruiting session and as colorful names come through on resumes the recruiters would act the way the name sounds with the stereotypes we all know too well. They would make jokes about the kind and color of hair, if the person would be late all the time because of all their kids, speak with heavy accents etc.

Now, my people are high offenders of the name-a-geddon. Hell my grandma’s name is hilarious because my great grandma was so in love she spliced her name and his name together for a crazy concoction of a name no one knows how to pronounce outside the family.

My thing is children get teased over their names.  I was teased endlessly about my real name and for a long time, I wanted to change it.  When you name your baby Apple, Abcde, Millions, PrincessAsia, Vas-e-line, Whizdom, Puff, Wednesday, Virgin or Adrenaline, it’s gonna take a lot to get people to say it correct and it will be amusement to everyone including recruiters to see who shows up with a name like that.

No one says you can’t or shouldn’t be creative just think about the child’s future and how life can be affected by the choice you make.



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