25 Jan

Lucy hd wallpaper

Cocoa Drops, this movie is a visually stunning and creative film about an unsuspecting young lady who gets caught up with the wrong guy and ends up getting screwed.  Whoa, that echoes my real life, I definitely know about that!  LOL

Anywho, Lucy gets trapped into delivering a briefcase to a drug lord and literally becomes a drug mule.  The only problem is that one of the goons hired to watch over her gets frisky and when she rebuffs his advances, he assaults her and the drug enters her system.  Boy, oh boy what a mistake!  This drug is unlike anything the world has ever seen and allows a human being to open up parts of the brain that were previously inaccessible.

Over the course of the film, she evolves and with the assistance of a well known professor, she reaches the point of no return.  Visually, this film should have won all kinds of awards because it’s beautiful.  I saw it at the movies first and then on my HD TV and I was in awe!  At the same time, it’s nice to see a woman whoopin folks asses and taking names.

This movie should be on demand with your cable provider, blu-ray, dvd, and maybe even Netflix and Redbox.

Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

🙂 Phee

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