Proper pedicure attire?

24 Jan

Good morning Cocoa Drops! I’m headed to the nail salon for a much needed pedicure and I’m wearing a full track suit and Sperrys. 🙂 Definitely not fashion forward, but what else are you supposed to wear to the nail salon in the winter? They can easily pull my pants leg up and there are no socks to keep track of. Lol. What do you wear?




I do believe I will be going back to New Nails in Decatur. My nail tech, Thuy aka T was very sweet and pampered my toes well. She even gave me a customer appreciation card, a hug, and then said she loved me. Yeah, while she was hugging me. :-)They opened at 9am, I arrived at 10am, and was in my car heading home at 10:45am with completely dry nails. Check out the little piggies below. Next time I’ll have my Habit Cosmetics Belle Epoque to try out. Oh yeah, the hubby hated my track suit. He was like, “What are you wearing today?” How rude! #heisahater


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