The Wedding Ringer!

20 Jan



If you have not made plans to see this movie, get on Fandango and reserve some tickets ahora mismo (right now in Spanish)!  This movie is all that and a bag of Doritos!  Kevin Hart is climbing to new heights, no pun intended, lol, with this movie and the upcoming film with Will Ferrell.  It’s the funny you wanna see from a comedy movie.  It’s white comedy, hangover, funny with a great ending.

Kevin Hart plays a best man for hire in this film and helps one client in particular with a service he’s never performed…the almighty Golden Tux!  Throughout the movie, the characters interact in crazy scenes to prepare for the wedding.

I can tell you that almost every scene is funny which is hard to pull off sometimes.  As for taking kids, there is some adult language where they use d**k, p***y, and the f bomb.  There’s also the bachelor party scene that’s inappropriate for young eyes.  Now, if your child has seen any of the Kevin Hart or Katt Williams stand-ups, they can watch this whole movie.  Lmbo.  But if you say h-e double hockey sticks as a cuss word, your whole family should stay home, ’cause you’ll all be scarred.  LOL

All in all, go see the flick.  I’m sooooooooooooo excited for Kevin Hart’s career and his upcoming nuptials.  Keep us laughing Kev!  We support you!!!!

On the sip tip, I give this film a super hot!  It’s hot like that coffee from McDonald’s that got them sued!  Lmbo


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